Partial Dentures

Replacement of multiple missing teeth is often done with a removable partial denture (usually just called a “partial”). Partials can replace as few as one or two teeth, or as many as 10 or 12.

There are many gimmicks being advertised to patients with “pink clasps” or “flexible partials.” These can be very dangerous, as they do not allow the patient’s remaining teeth and ridges to properly support the bite forces transmitted to the partial. Proper design of removable partials is a tedious process that requires technical skill and full understanding of bite force, jaw movement and biomechanics. Prosthodontists are specifically trained in all aspects of design and fabrication of removable partials.

Unique clips can be incorporated into crowns on teeth or attachments on dental implants, enabling removal of the metal clasps on partials. This can greatly improve the esthetics of a partial, but if done improperly can transmit dangerous forces to teeth or implants. Once again, prosthodontists are uniquely trained to fully understand these complex relationships, and take them into account when designing partials of all varieties.